Secure, automated processing of cash deposits

If your company deposits or orders large amounts of cash, our multi-state network of Cash Vault Services will provide the automated cash processing, security and accurate reporting you need

Future Vaults

You’ll benefit from ease, efficiency and protection.
Cash Vault Services are designed for businesses and other entities that make frequent deposits of cash and checks and/or require a continuous inventory of coin and currency where they do business. Future Vaults will coordinate with an armored courier service to make automated deposits of your cash and checks at one or more of our cash vaults, where your deposits will be processed and deposited securely, reliably and promptly.

Audit control will by provided through our independent verification of your coin and currency deposits. Benefits at a glance:

1. Fast, automated processing helps reduce cash deposit processing time and speed collections

2. Automated deposit tracking from receipt to verification, allowing the cash vault to constantly monitor the status of your deposits

3. Same-day credit for all deposits received by our established cash vault location deadlines

4. Deposit verification within 24 hours of receipt, allowing for ongoing reconciliation of your cash flow

5. Convenient, 24/7 cash ordering is available through the SinglePoint Cash Vault ordering service or by phone

6. Enhanced security, including secured docks for delivery of your deposit by armored courier, video surveillance, counterfeit detection in all currency counting equipment, and dual-custody processing

7. Receive current information online about your cash deposits, helping you manage your cash position

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