Future Vaults Client Benefit

As the first private vault facility to open in Dubai, Future Vaults has set the gold standard in the industry. At our Dubai, UAE and London Vault locations, you will be received with exceptional professionalism and have access to our all-encompassing, private and secure storage services.

Future Vaults

You will not be required to make an appointment to access your secure safety deposit box. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and during selected Saturday accessing hours. Please view our calendar for our Saturday opening hours and public holidays.

Our Dubai and Homg Kong facilities feature three private viewing rooms to provide complete privacy and discretion when accessing your safety deposit box. The private viewing rooms will be accessible without an appointment. There are also discreet benches within the vaults for private and quick withdrawal or deposit to your safety deposit box.

By requested appointment, our expert Vault Consultants and Bullion Dealers are able to review your vault holdings and notarise the contents for confirmation of holdings. Additionally, an access activity statement can be produced through our state-of-the-art access control systems as a record of the time and date of entry and exit to your safety deposit box or bullion safe. Future Vaults can provide valuations for investment-grade bullion. For fine art or rare notes and coins, valuations can be provided through one of our valuation partners – additional fees may apply for this service.

Future Vaults holds a unique vaulters block policy whereby you can be individually nominated as an interested party. All clients are automatically nominated onto Future Vaults’ insurance policy for a cover of $10,000. Upon request, Future Vaults will issue clients a certificate for the nominated insurable interest. Additional cover can be nominated onto the policy at client’s request. Please contact a Future Vaults consultant to make the arrangements.

Through the bullion brokerage arm of The Future Vaults Group, Future Gold, we provide a complete procurement solution of physical investment-grade bullion. Future Gold are authorised distributors of LBMA approved bullion products from The Perth Mint. As Future Gold shop fronts are located at the vaults, you can seamlessly buy, store, insure and sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium all at one location in a secure and discreet environment. Find out more about working with Future Gold.

As an account holder, you can nominate up to four persons for registered access to the safety deposit box. Along with multiple registrations, you can instruct on access limitations such as dual access – this is a particularly favoured service for corporate clients, families and estate affairs. To advise Future Vaults of your instructions, request a Controlled Access Form.

Future Vaults provides secure, door-to-door transportation services of your valuables to and from the vault as well as internal transfers between our Dubai and Dubai, UAE facilities. With our trusted logistics partners making domestic and international transportation possible, Future Vaults provides a truly comprehensive service offering for the safe keeping of valuables.