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Future Vaults provides the luxury goods industry, high-net worth individuals and international banks with a global team of experts, including logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals.

Future Vaults provides a smooth, expedient and professional service tailored to precise specifications and needs.
Our objective is to grow the international business of the Future Vaults through excellence in customer service and innovative solutions in trade finance, commercial banking and asset management. We are licensed and regulated, member of the Federal Reserve System we are in a strong position to support opportunities in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) markets for Future Vaults customers. At the same time, our position as Future Vaults OECD operational hub supports the flow of investment into markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

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Our Services

Future Vaults

Safe deposit box

Safe Deposit Box Rental from less than $6 per week

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Inventory management

Viewing rooms enabling customers to inspect or present their goods.

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Global and domestic distribution

Global and domestic distribution with full door to door service delivery

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Reasons to Choose Us

Future Vaults


Future Vaults is the first privately owned safe deposit box facility in Dubai. We offer a purpose-built vault, safe, protected by cutting edge security and sophisticated technology, which surpasses the standards set by banks. Our facility benefits from the latest technology in vault construction and is a graded VDS tested vault, unlike other bank vaults. Discreet location with multiple businesses in the building ensuring security and anonymity. No one will know you are specifically coming to see us.

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Arab Banks such as United Emirates Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Arab Bank plc and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank are no longer offering a ‘safe deposit box’ service to their customers, yet now more than ever companies and individuals need to secure valued possession safely. According to the Central Statistics Office, over 27,000 burglaries reported in United Arab Emirates in 2010 and domestic burglary is on the rise. Owners can be forced to open home safes under threat of physical violence

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Access to the high security vault at Future Vaults is granted through the successful navigation of personal identification, a biometric scanner, a customer code and digital photo recognition. Private viewing rooms are available for your convenience. The Vault is manned on-site by highly trained security professionals in conjunction with an outside security company, ensuring round the clock 24-hour security protection

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Future Vaults is dedicated to delivering a premium personalised service. To guarantee a secure environment for your most treasured and valuable possessions, you can rely on a combination of the best security technology and the best professional attention delivered by our highly trained staff. Every client is guaranteed absolute privacy and discretion

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We aim to meet the safety needs of business investors valuables in ways that are economically, socially and enviromentally viable now and in the future. Learn about our business and people which grew from a small shop in Dubai.

Mr. Ahmed Abdulahi Husien

CEO & Founder Future Vaults

Am delighted to personally welcome you to Future Vaults websites. Please have a look around and learn more about safe deposit vaults and investments guides.

Mrs. Kumar Dahr Amita

Legal Adiviser Future Vaults

6 April 2020

The banking challenges for Latin America in 2020

Social unrest and significant reforms are among the topics of discussion for the Latin American experts participating in The Banker’s roundtable discussion

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10 April 2020

Uzbekistan takes global approach to local problems

After decades of isolationist government policy, Uzbekistan is taking tentative steps into the global capital markets and is looking to attract foreign investment. Kimberley Long looks at the country’s steep learning curve.

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12 April 2020

ABI brings Italian banks onto the blockchain

The head of innovation at the Italian banking association talks about a real-life application of distributed ledger technology to drive efficiency in an interbank reconciliation process.

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13 April 2020

Future vaults enters in UAE commercial ranks

The commercial and safety ranks in United Arab features Future Vaults.

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