How it Works (Buying Artworks)

1.Selection. We run selection of artists and their pieces from well known, established galleries.

2. Login. We will need few information to ensure smooth process for you. We only share the information with our limited list of partners and only if this is required to conduct specific task (like insurance or storage).

3. Exploration of our site and picking artworks you want to buy.

4. Confirming buy order. You transfer BTC or ETH funds to the given Future Vaults address.

5. Secure process management. We manage the process of buying, insurance, storage and other necessary services for you.

6. Transportation of the art piece.

7. Secure storage of the art in special facilities in UAE.

8. Extra options. You have ability to visit and view your artwork and the storage facility, you can also pick it up or order a delivery. There might my smaller administrations fees associated.

9. Alternative option of delivery. Instead of storage you could choose direct delivery of the art piece to your address.

10. Becoming collector. You can continue to extended the storage with us as you expand your collection. You can also receive the art, or re-sell it and transfer ownership to the new person.

Future Vault is end-to-end platform, meaning we manage the whole process for you. The price on our platform includes full package, managing the process with multiple partners from galleries to insurance, shipping and storage solutions and all costs associated:

Buying the art piece and managing process with gallery/seller. Shipment to Dubai (you can choose shipment to your address instead - for free). Necessary taxes and customs in UAE (if you ship to your address you will need to cover any taxes/customs in your jurisdiction). Yearly storage in secure, Arab fine-art facilities. Yearly insurance in the storage.