Inspection Services from Future Vaults

At Future Vaults we can also arrange for At-Inspection insurance cover with underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

Future Vaults is a trusted logistical partner for the international diamond and jewellery trade, banks, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals around the world. The company's world-class vaults located in tax-free zones and/or bonded warehouses around the world enable clients to view, inspect and show high-value assets in a secure, discreet, neutral and comfortable location. . Inspection rooms feature diamond viewing and inspection equipment ensuring stones can be examined in-depth. Future Vaults personnel are on constant stand-by ensuring a discreet and professional environment within the secure zone with full CCTV coverage. Additional security, including armed guards (subject to local laws and regulations), is available on request. . Future Vaults Safe Deposits carries comprehensive risk insurance, which means that we are able to pass along the benefits of being insured to our customers. Subject to pre-agreed amounts, Future Vaults will assume liability for loss or damage to items deposited in our safe deposit boxes. . Please Contact Us today for a quote and for full insurance terms and conditions.

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