We want to transform the art market by combining crypocurrencies, blockchain technology and client centric business model. We allow fast and secure way to explore, buy, collect and own art, with an unmatched quality, speed and scale. Currently art market has been mostly reserved to the wealthiest individuals, but even they get frustrated with how convoluted and complex it can be. To make our vision a reality we built the one in its kind end-to-end platform, allowing you to buy renown art with BTC or ETH, insured and stored safely and privately in our Dubai Safe Deposit Vault.

Investing in art is one of the many ways in which one can assign capital and diversify portfolio. A large number of wealthy people have been known to invest in art, and time after time we have witnessed records being broken at auction around the globe. The most recent record was set at $450 million (for Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi). As the number of wealthy people grows, more and more collectors and investors appreciate the value of art. Artworks by artists such as Dali, Picasso and Warhol are sought after for prestigious, aesthetical and investment purposes. However buying, collecting and selling art can be dubious and frustrating process. We want to change that.

At Future Vaults you can buy art instantly. Thanks to our technology, processes and partners we managed to automate and smoothen the experience for you. Once you register, it takes under 5min to buy an art with us.

You see price, that includes everything (art piece, transportation, Dubai taxes and customs, fine-art storage and insurance). Majority of the art market lacks price transparency, often you not only need to inquire and negotiate each individual price, but often you find that there are many extra charges and costs, that you were unaware of, this is not only monetary burden, but also drain on your time.


Moreover, it is needless to say that almost all galleries or dealers will not accept cryptocurrencies, and those few who do, offer artworks mostly from new and unknown artists, making your choice and resell options limited. Even if they do accept the BTC/ETH then whole process is still manual and rarely transparent, you often end up paying in a mix of crypto and fiat (e.g. for storage, insurance and transport). At Future Vaults we facilitate full buying process in BTC/ETH.

Lastly, most wealthy people do not keep art at home. They prefer special storage facilities, like freeport in Geneva where estimated $100bn of art is stored. This is because such facilities are safer and more convenient for collectors. All of your pieces are in one place, easier to sell and transfer ownership to a new person. Until now those kind of facilities were mostly reserved for the wealthiest, but we include fine-art storage service, in Dubai, as a default part of our product. You can easily and securely store and in future resell or take with you all, or parts, of your collection.

We invest so much in security because we know it makes so much possible. We believe that the real value of any investment is in its potential to serve the needs of human development. Doing so with the most impact requires not only the safety of our customer valuables, but also of our people.

Every day, the people of Future Vaults are hard at work creating solutions to some of customer's most pressing challenges. From developing technologies that boost Purchase and Sales of Bullion to helping customers acquire more wealth creation, the inspiration and dedication of our staffs know how that we remain dedicated to turning potential into opportunity, and generating more value for client's resource base.