Physical Bullion Investment

Gold has outperformed other investments, such as shares, bonds and cash for the last 15 years

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Diversification for your investment portfolio 2. Safe haven during economic turmoil 3. GST Free.

For centuries, precious metals were the cornerstone of our monetary system. Our relationship with gold may have evolved over time, but what hasn’t changed is its unrivalled application as a store of value. Global reserve banks continue to hold gold as an insurance policy against financial instability and currency devaluation.

Over the last 15 years, precious metals for Australian’s have outperformed investment assets such as the share market, bonds and cash. As a primary objective to safeguard wealth, many Australian investors are investing in physical precious metals. Over the last 10 years, gold has seen an average 6.5% yearly growth.

Being tangible, holding physical bullion provides investors with full control over their asset, eliminating third-party risk.

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