How to open a bullion trading account and get a live bullion quote

Through our global network of suppliers Future Vault is able to obtain highly competitive rates. We are able to provide you with a seamless solution for the purchase of bullion and storage in the safest country in the world.

How to Purchase Bullion

At Future Vault we are able to provide you with a complete solution for the purchase of gold, silver and platinum bullion. We source our bullion through a leading bullion wholesaler. When you purchase bullion through our online trading platform we will organize the delivery of the bullion to our Dubai facilities where it will be securely stored in either the safety deposit box vault or the bullion depository. When your bullion is received at our facilities, our qualified auditor and a Future Vault custodian will unpack your bullion; check it against your order; and deposit it into the specified vault

Purchasing Bullion with Future Vault

Step 1: Open a Safety Deposit Box or Bullion Depository Storage Account. To do this just oontact us for our application form, fill and submit.

Step 2: Open a bullion trading account and get a live quote by selecting the products you wish to purchase.

Step 3: Deposit the funds to Future Private Vaults account. For information on how to do this please visit our Future Vault Vault Bullion site.

Step 4: Confirm your purchase. Future Vault will then email you confirmation of your order, and again when your bullion arrives at the vault