As a Trustee for your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you are no doubt already aware of your increasing obligations when managing your SMSF’s investments; be it gold bullion, silver bullion, fine art, antiques, collectibles or diamonds.

Future Vaults

Future Vaults plays a key role for many SMSFs, by securely storing their assets in a secure environment and offering insurance and access to various auditing services, as is generally a requirement for SMSFs.

Merrit Gold gives SMSFs the ability to access physical gold and silver bullion bars and coins through our online investment platform or at our facility. With our end-to-end solution, your SMSF is able to buy gold and silver, have it securely transferred direct to Future Vaults and then stored in your safe deposit box or bullion safe.

Additionally, our auditing services, cost-effective insurance offering and detailed access control systems allows you to annually report your SMSF with ease.

Some requirements that you may obligated to, as a Trustee, are:

1. Confirmation the asset is stored securely and not available for personal use by the members.

2. Confirmation that the asset(s) are insured for the correct value.

3. Insurance certificate to verify the assets are insured within 7 days of purchase

4. Inventory listing of the type(s) and quantities held.

5. Accurate market valuation as of June 30.

Please Contact Us for full insurance terms and conditions.