Safety Deposit Box: Storage Options

Future Vault provides our clients two storage options; storing in our safe deposit box vault or in our bullion depository. Device For clients wanting to store their bullion in a safety deposit box, we provide allocated boxes that can hold up to 10kgs of bullion in our Dubai safe deposit box vault. If you want to store your bullion in our Dubai, UAE or England safety deposit box vault , Please Contact Us for full insurance terms and conditions .

Opening a safety deposit box with Future Vault is easier and more cost effective than you may think. For our safe deposit box service, we charge an annual fixed fee for the box. For more information on our pricing and insurance, Please Contact Us for full insurance terms and conditions.
Once your box is opened you have the flexibility to deposit bullion when it suits you. Either purchase bullion from Future Vault’s online trading platform or send your own bullion through one of our global transportation providers. When times get uncertain you’ll be grateful you had the foresight to be prepared and protect your wealth in an offshore private safety deposit box

In just 4 easy steps your safety deposit box can be opened and ready to receive bullion. :

Step 1: Complete our online registration, review and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Make a credit card payment through our secure online payment engine

Step 3: We require a copy of each of the following forms of ID authorized as a true copy by a Notary: One copy of photo ID (passport, gun license or driver's license); plus One form of secondary ID (any government or bank issued card or document that has your name and signature); plus Proof Proof of your address (utility invoice, or bank document that has your address on it and is not more than 3 months old).

Step 4: Post your authorised identification documents back to us at: Future Vault Business Park 001 - Dubai United Arab Emirates Dubai

Your safety deposit box will then be opened and available to receive bullion.